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Acrylic Painting Masterclass


Come along and join us for a relaxing 4 hours painting event. Express yourself onto a canvas! Art is not just being crafty, it can be about self-discovery and emotional release. This is what we try to address in our master classes. When you focus and feel the beauty of the subject, you can recognize the nature of your emotions, find the perfect composition and use the appropriate technique to express your emotional response. Unwind and enjoy an easy, fun atmosphere with a glass of champaign. It makes the whole event a party and not just an art class.

Private Art Masterclass - up to 2 people


Treat yourself with a private art event. Express yourself onto a canvas! Do it in stylish surroundings of Battersea Power Station private Lounge. Lots of hands-on help and one-to-one tuition. Having a creative outlet to tern to and articulate what we feel - is priceless. You may try to create beautiful abstracts or choose a figurative art. Some direction and guidance to the concepts of color, contrast, composition will help create cool looking piece. Painting can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be challenging. Glass of champaign and snacks over a chat will help to unwind and make this class a party.





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